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KELAIWEI New Materials The investment is 100 million yuan, the R&D center is located in Jiangxi, China, and the production and sales base is located in Henan, China, with an investment of 450 million yuan, with an annual output of 300 tons of whisker carbon nanotube powder and 2,000 tons of conductive paste.The company independently develops the production process and equipment of whisker carbon nanotubes, and is a mainstream supplier of whisker carbon nanotubes and derivatives.

KELAIWEI New Materials is mainly dedicated to the industrial production and application of whisker carbon nanotubes. A total of 168 invention patents have been applied for, 106 domestic invention patents have been authorized, 3 international invention patents and 2 PCT patents have been authorized. Published 6 English monographs and 168 papers.
R & D history
2006We began to independently develop whisker carbon nanotube synthesis technology and equipment.
2008The whisker carbon nanotubes were successfully developed and synthesized, and the technological level reached the international advanced level.
2011The first-generation whisker carbon nanotube synthesis device was designed and fabricated.
2012The second generation of whisker carbon nanotube synthesis device has realized small batch continuous production.
2013The third generation synthesis device has realized the full-automatic production of whisker carbon nanotubes.
2018The industrialized production line was put into operation, and the annual production capacity of whisker carbon nanotube powder reached 30 tons.
2019The annual powder production capacity reached 60 tons, and the R&D and design of the whisker carbon nanotube slurry production line was completed.
2021The annual production capacity of powder is 100 tons, and the annual production capacity of slurry is 1,000 tons.
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